Anxiety medically defined as Intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations.

As a person who is suffering out of this and at this point of time where everything seems to be in halt and affecting all our perspectives about life. This probably could give people an insight into what it really feels like do be the one undergoing anxiety.

A person who is anxious suffers from breathing disabilities because there’s a choking pressure in their neck not because of somebody literally doing it to them but it is a thought or feeling to best describe it. A lot of other people feel differently, there’s a sudden breakdown, there’s a sudden flash of pain, people feel everything around them seem to shatter, there’s so much to add to this. A lot of people do not certainly feel the same, it varies from person to person and a lot of them struggle in expressing what this emotional wreckage is all about. It is a big burden and a big struggle to get over these phases.

Let me sketch you down to some of my personal experiences on this. There are days when you can’t seem to be getting sleep, I’ve gone on weeks without having adequate sleep for a day. There are days where I’m emotional down, I just need a teeny tiny prick to get it out of me. There are days where I’m so frustrated and I can’t seem to be holding back them from letting out all on people. There are days where I don’t want to leave my bed. There are days where I have body pain for no reason, it could be my back, feet, headache, shoulders and the rip a vary from time to time. Some days it’s pure exhaustion, physical and cognitive. Some days I don’t seem to be getting enough attention from people, some days they are stepping too much. Some days I need a person physically next to me, some days I can’t even hear their voice over the phone. A lot of days it’s purely teared up eyes and me struggling to hold them back from flowing. I’ve had days at work where I just can’t do anything more and I need a break from everything, a vacation perhaps, but then they don’t seem to be sufficient too. I’ve had days of random breakdowns at work and struggling to hold your tears back in and give away the fake smile to your kids who look up to you. However, I’ve realised that smile shouldn’t have lasted, that smile shouldn’t have even shown up, maybe I should’ve let it flow down and let my kids know that I’m struggling through life as much as they do, but maybe with different things. You know why? They look up to every personality in me and some even consider as a role model, if you’re going to be that role model who is good at putting up that fake smile and getting along and not letting your emotions through, then you’re creating the same sense in those young minds. Some days you’re hallucinating, that can scare every part of you and push you to harm you in all forms. You’ll enter a delusion and struggle for months to get out of it, some even struggle years.

Now that you know what a person feels like, let me tell you what causes this. PEOPLE! Yes, you heard it right. PEOPLE cause it.
You would’ve come across a narcissistic person at some point of time. It could be your family, it could be your sibling, it could be your friends, your colleagues, your partner or even some you probably adore. For the once who do not know what a narcissist is, it is a person who is all about one’s self! By default, we’ve evolved into an environment full of narcissist and narcissism as a baseline criterion to be part of the ”group”. Some people don’t even know they live and are a narcissist. Some times it’s not even people, it’s memories that once belonged these people. The memories that do not seem to have gotten and eaten enough of you but still wants to take each inch of your flesh and feed on it when you cry out of pain and for help.

Now, we know the cause and symptom (medically speaking). Let me tell you what the treatment is, well it just needs two things. More like two important potions to be a little less anxious in an ever-evolving and an ever expecting society.

  1. Love/care/affection.
  2. A right person

Yes, you heard me again, Love from the right person is all that you need to get you out of this. The trust that person builds you with is so very crucial. A person that sits next to you and listens to what you’re feeling, without judging you or having a preexisting perspective about you, plays a major role. The cause and the treatment for a mental health condition are going to be a person, not necessarily the same person but it does need a person to help you get through this. A state of mind to accept it, not accepting the situation but accepting and working to grow with yourself to get yourself out of this is so vital. Be prepared to feel overwhelmed, hallucinated and irritable throughout this period. You will have to fight through your days, through a smile, a tear, a person and a day. When you learn that you’re realizing these things and you know that you want to get through this is also the day you should start setting your soul and your mind at peace with the situation.

You will always call that one person in your life to talk about this, could be your partner or your friend, someone from your family, someone from your workspace. But believe me, this is that person you’ve decided to invest all your trust in. And that person may or may not reach up to your state of mind, be prepared to accept to.

Battling mental health can be burdensome at times, but it’s never the end of the earth.

Combat it with the best of your smile, with the best of your energy and trust me, you’ll get through it one day! 😊

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