Medically, depression is defined as a mental health disorder characterised by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life.

Let’s get some facts upright. It isn’t like movies, where you see a girl sitting by the corner of her room and peeping out of the window, with unwashed hair and wrinkled skin and dark circles eyes. No that isn’t how these true beauties look like. These dark circles are drawn with makeup, their hair is set by stylists, they even wear perfectly curated branded clothes.

True beauties have the most flawless skin in the world. They have an ever sparkling eye with no dark circles around. Their smile seems so seamless and picture-perfect. Their beauty has no comparison to anything in this world. Not like your celebs but a naturally amazing beautiful woman! These people I’m talking about was around you throughout the day, doing their job just fine, maybe more than just fine, maybe close to perfection.

Depression can be really disturbing and worrisome. People do not talk about it to anybody and everybody and they do not express what they feel either.

It’s an all-day-long contradiction, something like these.

Some days, I’m tired mentally, somedays I’m tired physically, some days it’s both, but there’s never in between.

Some days it’s haunting. Some days are unusually calm.

Some days I want to cry, some days I want to sit still and never talk.

Some days are happy. Some days are way too chaotic. Some days you don’t know what it is.

Some days you see all your nightmares walking in front of you. The demons in your mind come down and walk in front of you as though they own you.

Some nights are never-ending. Some nights wouldn’t even start.

Some days … I wish somebody asked how my day went. And some days I wish nobody spoke to me.

Some days it’s me talking and hindering myself and my thoughts and keep myself distracted and reminding myself it’s going to be alright. Some days I wish somebody actually listened and help me get through that day.

It is not an easy thing to get over this clinical condition. It takes a lot of understanding, talking and believing that this is just a phase. Not all times you’ll be able to do this, but keep trying. You do know anything that comes in easy won’t last long. You can always try out different things and see what can help you the best and where can you be by doing something that defines your mental state. Maybe just go ahead and spill paint on a paper or scribble or even write it down in a note pad. Maybe that’ll make your heart and your mind a little less heavy. There is nothing wrong in seeking help, go out and talk to people you really know will understand you and help you get through your day. Take a course, read and play, get some fresh air. Spend some time alone watching the sunrise and sunset.

Always, remember nothing lasts longer, not even you. This won’t last long either if you believe this is a phase and walk along with it and one day even before you realise you’ll be out of this mental health condition!

Keep trying and remember to seek help!

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