A strong relationship that you make with someone. Some relationships last longer than you think and some last lesser than you expect them to.

Some relationships come so unexpectedly and they remind you of how happy you could be, what life means and what happiness could look like. And some relationships remind you how not to be in life, what choices not to make and what are the worst decisions one could do.

Some people come as a blessing. Some people come to remind you what a blessing looks like and what a curse is. When people change, remember its for a good thing and sometimes it’ll remind you to be a happy person. Learn to let go off people, and never hold them back. People are like sand granules, they just slip in between the gaps of your hand the last of the last granules that stay fist in your hand are the only people that stand by in your life. 

Some people will make you feel like home, make you feel like you’re the world and they’re your world. But sooner or later things will change and you will eventually get used to small talks, shorter texts, missing replies, no callbacks and no texts. You’ll sooner or later get too comfortable with your loneliness and won’t have a place for the one who caused you this. You will also realise, there’s no part of you that’s left to hold you back in one piece or hold that person or any person back in your life. You will evolve and become that person, you fail to recognise in years and situations to come. You will fail to see the good in any situation and only look at what’s bad about it. You will learn and hate your self for not prioritising yourself over anybody else. If priorities had a meaning that would be now! 


Dreams shatter 

Words fade

Opinions differ

Hearts heavy 

Minds messy 

Eyes full 

Sit down and write what matters and what doesn’t. 

Learn to prioritise and you’ll feel a little better, Maybe. 

And today, 

When I sit here in the dark looking at the hue of night and the darkness:

I wait for the sign to build-up

I wait for the hope to begin 

I wait for the ray to lighten 

I wait for the light to brighten 

I wait for the dark to fade 

I wait for the black to darker

I wait for the colour to deepen 

I wait for the night to intoxicate 

I wait for the stars to kill 

I wait for the moon to fill

Sitting here in the dark

I wait, I wait and I wait……

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