Hey there, a little birdie

Hey there, a little birdie,

Fly high, far away, far from this sky

I can’t guarantee you the safety

For I hold a grudge in me

For I hold a hardship within me

For I hold a dreadful day within me

Maybe, you’ll be safe on another sky

Maybe, you’ll be safe in your nest

Maybe, you’ll be safe on the canopies

Maybe the sky fades and does to safeguard you every day

Hey there, you little birdie

Fly fast and swift as you can

Because I can’t assure you another dawn, another dusk.

If we ever cross paths,

I hope we find in peace

I hope we find in a piece

I hope we find in heaven

I hope we find in happiness

I hope we find…..

Hey there, you little birdie!

May you fly with your wings open

Spread them so big and vast that even the clouds shy away

Spread them so massive and immense that even the gods know your potential

Spread them so huge and broad that even the humans know you are in charge of the sky, the land and the sea!

Remind us that you belong here and not us

Remind us you aren’t meant to be caged

You aren’t meant to be clipped

Remind us, if your wings were made of metal, the shackles of the cage won’t stand concrete

Remind us you’re decisive

Published by safeyyplace

Let's break life piece by piece

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