The day you’re born they call it your birthday. And they celebrate it as the most mesmerising day when you’re young, as you grow old, it fades out, you know that most of your family won’t even remember it’s your birthday or it’s a special or an important day to you.

As you grow, you’ll make friends, friends who tell you, “You know what? We’ll make this birthday of yours special, we’ll cut the cake, we’ll spend the entire day chilling together”. But when the day arrives, you know they don’t even remember what they said to you, they don’t even know if you’re doing okay, they won’t know anything about you.

As you grow, you’ll make friends, friends who will call you throughout your birthday month just to remind you it’s your birthday.

As you grow, you’ll make friends, friends who called you through your birthday month, now call you a week before to say, I remember it’s coming.

As you grow, you’ll make friends, friends who call you a week before, now call you the previous day to tell you it is tomorrow.

As you grow, you’ll make friends, friends who called you the previous day, now call you maybe at 12.

As you grow, you’ll make friends, friends who called you at 12 will now call you the next day morning.

As you grow, you’ll make friends, friends who called you the next day morning, call you mid-afternoon and slowly the next year it is an hour before the day ends and slowly and gracefully it’s the end of time until you remember a friend of yours existed, that one who wished you throughout but now doesn’t even remember what day it is.

Birthdays might not be a big day for most of us, but a wish, prayer is all that someone asks for. Your wish might just light up their day from being a disaster to a good one. Maybe not all birthdays are always happy and happening, most birthdays are quiet, alone, lonely and no hype at all, regardless of how bad or good it was the previous years.

As you grow, you’ll realise it’s just another day in your calendar and just another to breathe through with heart full of expectations and mind full of joy. But let’s face it, your expectations and your joy have no value when you think about it sooner or later.

As you grow, you’ll see how things fade into the dark, from having a big group to a small circle to a couple of them and then it finally comes down to just that one person who values you and knows it’s your day and they want to make sure you’re happy. Maybe they’ll fail too, but yeah effort is all that matters. You’ll end up messing your own day, you’ll end up taking things personally (well all of us are emotional beings).

Maybe birthdays are meant to be just another day on the calendar.


Life changes, thoughts changes, emotions change, you reach a point where you feel nothing or say anything, and you just grow old, and grow numb.


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Let's break life piece by piece

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