Homophobia and Transphobia are always misread and misspoken about. There’s always that sense of fear that is still present in every single individual around the world who is trying to come out and be the person they want to be. And it is not just once that they have to convince people. It’s all the time when people talk and pick on them for their sexual choices. Every individual by birth is not sure of his/her orientation. And it is very important to know that, judging someone by their orientation or having an opinion is so wrong at this point in time.

There’s often a lot of people who ask you about your orientation, who ask you about your choice of individuality.
Well, I do know everyone’s thinking back on their mind this is not new for them and it isn’t the first time something like these that they have to face. It has been there through aeons that people have to fight for who they have to be and want to be.
We fought for freedom only to be shackled by the societal boundaries
we fought societal boundaries only to be shackled by our family
We fought family only to be shackled by our brain.
We are and we will keep fighting the shackles we’ve made for ourselves in our brain.
A set of shackles that have lasted decades… When one fades, another appears and the cycle continues!
When people decided to finally break these harnesses and walk free, they were obstructed by a new set of challenges and barricades.

We want to live in a world that is less judgemental, less opinionated and a society that doesn’t have advice ready and free when it is not applicable in their own lives. We need people to treat everyone as mere people, that is all we ask for. That’s when we the society will support any individual with love, compassion and RESPECT!

Well, some people think of it as a disease or a disorder or some kind of syndrome that can be fixed with just a pill or by any treatment. Think about it, if it was a condition, then so many people wouldn’t have it and it could’ve been a PANDEMIC years ago and like what we’re doing today, the quarantine would’ve existed for years and probably existed till date. If it was so easy to fix it, then maybe we should’ve invented a vaccine that could be used to fix millions of people across the globe. Let’s believe in something today, love is love. There are no thresholds, there are no choices, there are no specifications, nothing! We are not caged organisms that we have to have a set of rules and regulations even for the way we want to live and to love. We have to have freedom of choice, freedom of happiness and freedom to be in love. And now that freedom is out there, unrestricted and open.

Every time somebody questioned me
I painted myself with a colour
I painted red when it hurt
I painted orange when it was dusky
I painted yellow when it was bright
I painted green when it was numb
I painted blue when it seemed to be soothing
I painted violet when it was cliche
I painted all colours on me
I looked like a rainbow shining high and bright from the vessel of gold
I checked on me if I was the gold? The hidden golden pot where the rainbow arises
I looked deeper in me only to realise, I painted myself in PRIDE!
My pride colour is a rainbow!
And I’m proud of my pride!

There’s somebody, who says that my eyes are pretty.
There’s somebody, who says that there’s a sparkle in my eyes.
There’s somebody, who says I have a beautiful smile and that in turn makes them smile
There’s somebody who always reminds me that I’m pretty
I hope you find somebody too. That somebody who reminds every single day that you’re beautiful inside out.
I hope that somebody is you, yourself.
Every day, when you look at yourself you know that you are beautiful in all the way possible!


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