The year 2020 has been quite uncertain and unruly, and this was a much-needed break!

The journey to Ooty was filled with excitement, anxiety and expectations. The path seemed longer and longer.

36 hairpin loops led to the queen of hill stations. Every loop decluttering my mind like a ball of yarn on run. Every loop seemed to be giving me clarity and striking away a set of thoughts and discomforts. Every loop seemed to take me to the clouds, clearing my pathway to the skies. When I reached the top it was a greater sense of sight and an envision of purity in the wilderness. The night set in and the excitement for another day kicked in. Waking up to the most beautiful feeling of being there and being in the right circumstance is a feeling all by itself.

I walked into the woods and I embraced it and you let me own it. I gave myself to you with no second thoughts and you gracefully wrapped me. The greenery seems to have been filling up my veins with pleasure and happiness. I knew how to be touched right and how to feel like a human being and you were the one that gifted me the moment to do so.

The sun had a toll on me slowly. The rays seem to be driving me high over my feet and talking deep into me and speaking to me the truth, the voice of gods, the voice of destiny. Reminding me that I wasn’t alone in everything I had to face and to battle through. Adding strength to my nerves the rays seem to be playing with my mind and creating high levels of serotonin in my brain and gushing down my body, tip to toe.

The fresh air of the garden gave me so much positivity and so much joy that can’t be put down in words. Waking up to the serene nature and having the feeling of just being there and not worked up about anything. Being there alone was not a feeling of loneliness or being there just by myself, it was a feeling of completeness… I was at peace!

Nature loves you more than what people could offer you. She offers so much peace, care, affection, forlorn and comfort. Shower her with the same and you’ll know how evolving she is and how accepting she could be.

I stood there at the edge of the lake watching the water ripple back n forth just the way my thoughts were rippling. Stagnant yet moving, yet moving trying to break through the rocks, through the hills, through the trees. I watched the sun go down and darken the setting and set the mood for a perfectly imperfect match mind. The words spoken by your presence vows made at your seat, still seem to be lingering in each of those ripples. A perfect sense of acceptance, dignity attained, the righteousness of owning up to the person for all the dishonour they may add upon you. All those dismay shed upon you seems to be resonating within you. But one thing that I knew was it to be set aside and looked at the colours of the sky, fading away and blooming into more marvellous alluring feeling.

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