All of us are born with dreams. We are asked to dream bigger and brighter and always look at a larger picture!

But nobody ever speaks about how shattered one could feel every time something breaks inside of you. Nobody ever says how disappointing it is to have no dreams left in you, no courage to build another, no bravery to dream one LAST ONE!

Every night we go to bed with the hope of waking up the next day and being able to achieve something. It breaks piece by piece to just know you can’t be the person you dream to be.

A lot of us are asked to dream but never to live them.

A lot of us are asked to believe in dreams but never to dare to attempt them.

A lot of us are asked to be the person we desire but never to be THAT person.

All of us are of course given opportunities to grab it and reach the next stage. But there are always so many circumstances, so many obstacles to walk and so many milestones to stumble upon.

Some days you feel a little less heavy and some days you feel your heart pounding in pain.

Some days you feel the calmness of the waves and some days it’s a raging tsunami in you.

Some days it’s the cold breeze and some days it’s a storm hitting you on your face.

Some days it’s the early sunlight kissing your face and some days it’s that sunburn your face red.

Some days I want to mourn and some days I’ve got no tears to mourn.

Some days I want to let go of all that hurts and some days I just can’t seem to gather my words.

Some days I feel full and whole and some days empty and vacant.

I see my dreams scattered in front of me. I feel my thoughts scattered all along. I see my absence not matter to any. I see my presence add no value to them. I was swept off my feet only to fall so deep and so shallow and break not just my heart but to paralyse myself for a lifetime.

Shattered are those people who dream of doing great things and achieve bigger.

Shattered are those people who wanted a life of wholesomeness.

Scattered and shattered are everyone!

Scattered thoughts!

Shattered dreams!

Published by safeyyplace

Let's break life piece by piece

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