I’m tired…

I’m tired of being the adult in the family
I’m tired of being the head of the house
I’m tired of being the face of the family
I’m tired and exhausted
I’m tired and need a break
I’m tired of running from my life
I’m tired of seeing my dreams broken
I’m tired of being taken for granted
I’m tired of being surrounded by opportunists
I’m tired of told what to do and not what I want to do
I’m tired of being thrown away like a broken hair strand
I’m tired of being lost in the air
I’m tired of holding back
I’m tired of being stuck in today, in tomorrow and in forever
I’m tired of feeling broken
I’m tired of feeling empty
I’m tired of caring
I’m tired of speaking and listening
I’m tired of everything and anything around me and about me!

All I need is to run from this world into the cosmos and never return.
All I need is an escape from reality and to restore my senses.
All I need is a ctrl+alt+del
All I need is calm
All I need is ME!

Can I have me?
Can I have time to hold still?
Can I ask for not being the version of me I am today?
Can I ask people why they did, what they did?
Can I ask why me?
Can I ask why not me?
Can I just ask?

Can the calmness engulf me in complete armour and drag me and sink me to the bottom of the earth’s crust away from the human race?

Can I escape?
Can I not feel tired ever again?

Published by safeyyplace

Let's break life piece by piece

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