Yours lovingly, young doctor.

It was that day of my life where I walked into my med school, holding my apron like an award-winning celebrity. I walked into the college holding my head high up and walking through the corridors like a star. Talking to myself this is where I am supposed to be, this is where you have to be and today you are here. I smile, smile hearing my voice say to me, look at you here, finally! Years passed by, months passed by, days passed by and here I was graduating as a doctor. I held my stethoscope tight and well gripped and knew what to do with it. Well, who would have thought I’d be a doctor someday yet I was here proud, anxious, scared and happy.

Well, my graduation didn’t just end, but that was the beginning of the pandemic. I walked into the hospital where I was given the duty of being a junior doctor at a covid facility?!

I watch doctors and nurses run around and juggling between patients.

I watch patients breathe their last and breathe their first.

I watch patients smile with tears of joy and tears of pain.

I watch patients sing and dance and rest there with no movement.

I watch everyone eagerly waiting to get home!

Well….. My ears hear every breath of a human, and my eyes watch them cry for help, yet my hands are tied and I can’t stop the virus from entering you until you decide to stay indoors. I can’t assure you every time somebody walks into the hospital while families wait outside yearning to hear about their loved ones. But you don’t want to hear us out.

For one last time, I here ask you to stay home, cuddle with your soul, with your loved ones, and stay happy. Because I no longer bear the strength to lose another life, I see my end coming closer and closer. I rest my hands upon you as I close my eyes for one last time in hope of seeing you smile.

Yours lovingly, Young doctor.

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