You and I had been a thing even before we knew we were a thing.

You and I held hands like kids who held their parent’s hands tight at a fare.

You and I, watched the evening sky like it was the only moment we were meant to be.

You and I, laughed at each other’s jokes and stupidity like we’d never laughed.

You and I walked up and down the stairs like a new child learning to walk.

You and I discovered each other like Columbus discovered America.

You and I, kissed as we had never kissed.

You and I took a deep breath and smiled and every finger touching each other’s skin like it was all pleasure sensors activated.

You and I shared every word we were unable to share in years spent together.

You and I welcomed love like no other would.

You and I found each other in places nobody could’ve thought.

You and I looked into each other like the stars stare into the dark sky.

Love walked into our lives unexpected and unseen. Love brought us together on nights and days we couldn’t pick ourselves up. Love taught us there’s no other above the person and most importantly YOU. Love showed us to walk together and walk away at times when we needed comfort and when we needed space. Love told us it was important to trust each other.

Love showed us that we wear baggy clothes, fitted jeans, walk with no makeup, dark circle under the eye, acne beautifully adding blush naturally, hair unkept still adding light, chocolate all over your fingers and around your lips still puts a big smile on me.

We knew our stubbornness to hold on and never let go is the only emotion that gets us through all difficult days.

We learnt that our days can get harder and worse as time passes but together we will step in and walk stronger.

We saw that not all days of our lives are going to be lovely.

We know our lives aren’t going to be colourful, but there will be dark days.

Today we sow the seeds of love for us to grow older and wrinkly.

And I can’t be grateful for us for pulling it through!

To all the hearts that yearn for the love, for the sight of their partner, for love alone.

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Let's break life piece by piece

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