It’s always difficult to treat everything and everybody equally. It’s a difficult task; it’s also because you’re in a dilemma between choosing the right and the wrong, your heart and your mind, your soul and your body, short-lived and long-lived and so on…

It’s like the YIN and YANG. You see the good in the bad and the bad in the good.

And then you realise and understand how important it is to balance between things and keep all your attributes together in a single origin. It’s more like juggling, you need to focus and pull your attention together in one piece. If you lose your focus, then we know what’s happening at the circus!

Let me give you an example, and this is an overwhelming moment when I think about it now. Ever heard of a person struggling to get through boards and people constantly reminding them that it is not their cup of tea. Well, I’m here to represent all of them! I’m not a topper in my 10th or 12th grade. But in fact, I scored “First class and second class, respectively.” But today when I stand here I have over 100 eyes watching me, eager to learn, happy to be there and most importantly respect me. And right after my boards, I knew I didn’t want to do Medicine or Engineering and I knew what exactly I wanted, Pure science it was and I got through one of the finest colleges and I managed to excel let’s say “ACE-IT” and then my masters and so on but the point here is, I was broken, hurt, humiliated and traumatised when I knew I couldn’t perform well when people questioned my performance and when people have this standard statement towards you, we expected more from you. I even had uncomfortable thoughts, but there was this one strong feeling that kept running in me, “This is not the end of the world. You’ve got a long way to go. Pull your socks up because the rides going to be messy.”

Today I’m so proud of myself more than anybody else can ever be. Because I gave myself a chance to do what best I can and I believed in my potential more than anybody else did and I say this to myself and to people who ask me “why is this situation everlasting?”. It’s simple, “this is not the end of the world or end of a war, it’s the beginning of a strong rage and a fresh battleground for you to fight to reach your spot not by hurting, disrespecting someone but by treating them equally and moving forward with a vision to reach your finish line.”

And every time you think you’re closer to the finish line and you see it right in front of you, it’s more like a mirage effect, a few seconds later you realise it’s not the truth it’s an illusion you created. And you see finer, deeper and longer obstacles standing in front of you, blocking your path. But you also know deep inside you, that you’ve passed through a stronger phase and this is not going to be a bigger struggle and you will get there one day.

Remember, the desire to reach the FINISH LINE is what will drive you crazy and drag you there and let it drag you in the most horrifying pattern because when a warrior arrives back from the battlegrounds it’s not the victory that speaks, it’s the battle scars that carry the tale for aeons.

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Let's break life piece by piece

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