LIFE GIVES YOU MANY CHOICES, some choices you’re happy with, some choices you’re unhappy with.

Choices that you make, choices that you neglect

Choices that make you grow, choices that you rethink.

Lots and lots of choices.

So this whole thing is inspired by this Tamil movie called “Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham” (literal translation, New Goddess Saraswathi Oath). As funny as it sounds, that is the name of the movie. Yet a good watch, good story line, great acting by a few stars and some realistic connections that could be made.

So why? What? Was the thing about that movie?

So Lord Shiva in that movie say that what we have seen in the past to what we see today, a lot has changed, from his perspective. So he goes on to say that Life gives you two choices/opportunities. You have the first opportunity to either accept and move forward, or remain stagnant and give up. And the second opportunity appears at an unexpected time. Again you have a choice to either stay or move forward or try and then give up midway.

This got me thinking, about why and how is this possible?

So I decided to think deeper and understand what he’s trying to say. This led me to thinking of the decisions and choices I have made.

If I had studied well in 11 and 12, then I would’ve done Medicine, and today I’d be a doctor.

If I had made the right choice and made the right set of friends circle, maybe I’d feel more motivated about what I was doing then and what kind of decisions I made back then.

When I got into my bachelors and got a bit serious about my education. 

Maybe after my Bachelors, when I got the opportunity to do Marine Biology, I should’ve taken that. 

Maybe today I’d be either a survivor, or a rescuer, or somebody who died between the 2015/2016 Tsunami.

Maybe if I had studied in the international universities when I got an opportunity, maybe I’d be doing my PhD today.

Maybe if I had been a little more motivated after my Masters, Maybe I would’ve gotten my PhD now, and I’d officially be a Doctor.

Maybe be if I had chosen a different industry rather than teaching, then I’d be in a different industry in a much more capable position.

Maybe be if I hadn’t made the choice to go to Rajasthan wouldn’t know what is the real wildlife is and wouldn’t know how hard is it to survive in the wild, how hard it is to live in scorching sun and how hard it is to live in-between of nowhere.

Maybe if I hadn’t gone there, I wouldn’t have found the most important person in my life.

Maybe if I hadn’t found that person. Then maybe I wouldn’t be in Pune.

Maybe if I hadn’t been in Pune, then I wouldn’t have worked with one of the biggest developers

Maybe if I wasn’t working there, and I was adamant about being an academician, then maybe I would’ve started a new position in a brand-new organization.

I think our choices are always choices, either one of them will lead you somewhere.

Something’s might be destined and something’s may not.

But, the growth factor in either of the paths could be different.

All of us have choices.

All of us have choices that are given at one point of time.

The choice that you make will lead you into a path. And it is a very, very important when we look at it with a perspective where we as individual are going. Because when I look at my friends from school or colleges, whatever the career paths they’ve chosen some are doctors, some are engineers, some are PhD, some are actors, some are big achievers.

Everybody was given a choice, all of us had a choice at a point to make. The choices that they’ve made have led them somewhere, while my choices have led me here.

I have no regrets about the choices that I have made, and that is the most important thing about growing.

This is the most important thing about how one will define their growth, their own streamlined lifestyles.

Choices are going to be difficult, choices are going to be easy.

Choices are going to be shielded, choices are going to be molded.

Choices are going to be choices!

But it’s alright, take a chance, make that choice!

Make the choice that is the most relevant.

I remember hearing this, “You do not have to make the decision that is always difficult, you can always make the decision of choosing an easy path. You’re going somewhere, you’re achieving something.”

Our life is all about the experiences that you earn and that you get. And it’s never going to be about how well you have achieved in your path. Because it is your path. It’s your choice, and it is your life, and there is no comparison on a parallel person to it.

It is okay if you made a bad choice, and you failed.

It is okay if you made a fantastic choice, and you succeed.

Sometimes our choices might be the best, but it might not end the best.

Sometimes our choices might be terrible, but it might take you somewhere really great.

Sometime these choices will make you feel amazing, and that is what life is all about.

Life is all about, choosing what is relevant, what is important, what is priority that time!

And that choice will lead you to where you have to be.

Because some things are destined, and some things are in your hand.

You will rewrite your destiny by putting in 200% of your effort and be a good student to your life.

It’s all about making the right choices!

It’s all about the choices!

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