Story #1: Walkthrough

I pass by this long lonely road every day for 45 mins. To and fro, up and above every single day!

I see faces, I see hope, I see visions, I see resilience, I see opportunity, I just see. I keep thinking when I reverse rolls with an odd person one day what would it be like to be that person? What would his thoughts be when he sees me travelling in that auto? Wish he was too. Wish he had an option not to walk and take an auto or a cab to his destination. Or that he’s grateful he has his vehicle? I’m not sure what but yes! It could be any of these or more or less.

I remember seeing a man, dressed in white trousers and a white shirt kurta and a white cap (the signature outfit of the Maharashtrians). He was dragging his cycle on the streets, it would be right for me to explain his body if I get there, he was barely able to bare the weight of the cycle it weighed way lower than that of the cycle. Not body shaming but more like an insight… I see him making it through 10 steps and catching his breath. And while I pass by I want to offer him the lift but the introvert that’s fast asleep the other times wakes up! Asking me to just shut up and watch my way.

I keep wondering…

If I offered him, would he take the lift?

If I offered him, would I be taking away his hope?

All I can think of are these questions that are answered by me like the flow chart of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. Every day might not be the same for me or him. He might have noticed me every day or maybe not. He probably seeks help from within or maybe not. But I know one thing, he sees hope and I see too. The hope of getting better, the hope of being in a better place, the hope of settling in, the hope of fixing the puzzle that probably doesn’t even exist.

Just hope…

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