All of us are born with dreams. We are asked to dream bigger and brighter and always look at a larger picture! But nobody ever speaks about how shattered one could feel every time something breaks inside of you. Nobody ever says how disappointing it is to have no dreams left in you, no courageContinue reading “ABSURD?!”


The year 2020 has been quite uncertain and unruly, and this was a much-needed break! The journey to Ooty was filled with excitement, anxiety and expectations. The path seemed longer and longer. 36 hairpin loops led to the queen of hill stations. Every loop decluttering my mind like a ball of yarn on run. EveryContinue reading “To OOTY,”


I sit there on the terrace, a quiet evening where I watch the sunset and stars rise above making the evening even more mesmerising.I think to myself,… A LETTER TO MY LOVE…

Dear APPA,

I wait beside you, waiting for you to open your eyes and say let’s go home, what are you wasting your time here for?I wait here for you to open your eyes and give me that innocent smileI wait here for you to just get up and tell me lets leave this placeAnd then there’sContinue reading “Dear APPA,”


Homophobia and Transphobia are always misread and misspoken about. There’s always that sense of fear that is still present in every single individual around the world who is trying to come out and be the person they want to be. And it is not just once that they have to convince people. It’s all theContinue reading “#PRIDE🏳️‍🌈”


The day you’re born they call it your birthday. And they celebrate it as the most mesmerising day when you’re young, as you grow old, it fades out, you know that most of your family won’t even remember it’s your birthday or it’s a special or an important day to you. As you grow, you’llContinue reading “TURNING 25!”


A strong relationship that you make with someone. Some relationships last longer than you think and some last lesser than you expect them to. Some relationships come so unexpectedly and they remind you of how happy you could be, what life means and what happiness could look like. And some relationships remind you how notContinue reading “BONDS”


Medically, depression is defined as a mental health disorder characterised by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. Let’s get some facts upright. It isn’t like movies, where you see a girl sitting by the corner of her room and peeping out of the window, with unwashedContinue reading “MENTAL HEALTH – DEPRESSION”


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