A happy place, sounds very familiar?

A place? Or happy?

What is it?

Let’s understand!

A happy place is an emotion, that connects you to that one person you want to spend all your time with.

It’s that person’s touch that leaves you with chills running down your spine. That touch that feels like never before. That touch that takes you to places, like time travel. That touch that instantly puts a smile on your face. That touch that you know for sure it is that person and nobody in this world can ever make you feel that way.

It’s that person’s hug that gives you the perfect warmth. That hug that calms your soul down and excites your neurone to release more serotonin. That hug that you wait days and months and year’s together. That hug even when hugged more than ten time’s a day still feels like it’s the first time you hugged that person. That hug is so special to you, and you hate to share. That hug that makes you feel like home. That hug that’s the safest place you could live and die in.

It’s that person you want to crawl up to on a bad day or on a happy weekend. On a rainy day, you want to sit beside them sipping your coffee and playing with the rain. On a sunny day, you want to go out to the beach and get some tan on. It’s always going to be that person popping up to remind you that “Everything’s going to be okay”. And if that isn’t your happy person, then there’s nothing happier in this world.

And remember, it always doesn’t have to be a person who is your happy place, for me, it is a person, a person full of love, smiles and a safe place!

It could be a location, a specific spot at your room, doing art, reading a book or anything!

A happy place is a place of pure happiness and the purest of pure love!

I found my happy place!

I hope you find yours too 🙂

A teacher

We, teachers, stand in front of you in the class talking about our subject of expertise, putting back all our emotions!

I know all teachers will agree to this.

We’ve given our years to educating people.

We’ve sacrificed our weekends preparing for class when you students, slept till midday.

We’ve devoted our lives to the institution we work in.

We’ve given no priority to our personal life, but to yours. 

We’ve given no limelight on our health, but to make it up to work every single day. 

We’ve not spent hours crying on period cramps and scratching headaches and back pains that are killing us on the inside, but instead, we stood there in front of the class having the smile we can as if nothing’s happening internally just to teach you.

We’ve had our hearts broken probably over the weekend, but turned to school Monday morning without even complaining about fighting those Monday blues.

We’ve cried ourselves to sleep so many nights, and walked into the class the next day with our smile brighter than the sunshine.

We’ve been humiliated, looked down upon by people, by parents, colleagues, friends and the last but not the least you dear students. For not being able to stand in front of you in times of emergency, when we couldn’t deal with one situation that arose in the class when we didn’t know the answer to a question you asked. But well, you all forget more than 50% of the content that we teach by the end of the hour if we start picking and look down on you. You’re going to be running into suicide pits. 

We need therapies to get to do our day to day work, why? Stress! As simple and as funny as it sounds when people ask us? What are you stressed about? Work? Do you just teach? Keep the book and go on ranting from it! 

Well, that’s not the only thing we do as teachers, we cater you’ll more than your parents do! 

Most of us forget our family and keep wondering why was that girl so quiet today? Why was that boy absent today? Is she okay? Is he doing well? And so much more. 

So much to worry about. So much to think about than any other professions do.

People often ask me, why do you think this profession is the most priceless thing to do? Well, if there wasn’t a teacher or an educator behind every individual who is either doing great or a failure to this world, the world wouldn’t have anybody to tell you what to do and what not to. There’s no profession that educates all the other professions out there available for you. 

But there’s one thing, that hinders me and bothers me the most and that’s what lead to me write this. 

We, teachers, failed to do one thing and we will continue to fail in that. 

That’s not teaching them, the subject 

That’s not giving them, life lessons

That’s not giving them, morals 

That’s giving them a sense of gratitude! 

Where I as a teacher, today feel and agree strongly than anything so far, and that’s igniting the sense of having gratitude to every person who went through arrows to be there for you and give you a life worth living!